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From 3d Printing To The Desktop Factory

What Is The True Revolution That Is Coming?

Is The Next Wave, The Desktop Factory?

I was laying in bed the other night thinking about 3d Printing and wondering why it seems a little limited right now. Sure you can print a nice plastic action figure or two, perhaps even a new tray for your bits and bobs to tidy up your work area a bit. Maybe you can really push the boundaries and print parts to assemble into something really functional, like a stand for your new groovy GoPro cam. Now that is getting pretty cool.

Mini GoPro Stand - 3d Printed
Mini GoPro Stand – 3d Printed

I then pushed myself to think more deeply about the feeling I had. Something is missing from this picture. Most things that are really useful in a modern society are a bit more complex, perhaps specialised. They require materials with special properties, like hardness, resistance to wear, flexibility or not and of course colours, perhaps even scents and tastes. So what is going on with our 3d Printer? Maybe we are setting the bar too low for it.  Maybe we are asking too much of it on its own. Could we really be at the bottom of a ‘real and new’ curve.  3d Printing may just be one aspect of a more fundamental change going on to the world around us.  Perhaps we need to reframe 3d Printing as just one window to view this revolution through, to really understand what is going on?

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3d Digitizer by cultlab3d

Smithsonian 3d Laser Scanning – Digitising The Future

Smithsonian X 3D

Our world is changing fast! The Smithsonian is showing the way to the future by digitising their vast curated collection. The project is called ‘Smithsonian X 3D’. For a range of reasons this is a ‘must do’ to protect and provide custodianship for the objects that any museum holds. But what a huge job it is. The numbers are just staggering. Just a few years ago we would not have been able to handle the massive data sets easily or to have a process that was fast enough to consider implementing such an ambitious plan.

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3d Printing On Mars

3d Printing On Mars!?

3d Printing In Space

Well you have to hand it to a joint effort between MakerBot and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. They are keen to deliver some real firsts and put 3d Printing on Mars.

3d Printing On Mars
3d Printing On Mars

If you think about it, it does make a lot of sense. The trip to Mars is looking like a one way ticket. Yes, you hear correctly. Due to the shear weight of fuel required to get anything to Mars and land it there, the logistics make it unviable to ship enough fuel for a return trip. So, what does that mean? Well, you are going to need to be completely self sufficient.  Yes, here comes 3d Printing on Mars.

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Chocolate Desire

3d Printings Sweet New Market

3d Printing, S-W-E-E-E-E-E-T…

So your girlfriend’s eyes roll back in her head when you start talking about your ideas on that awesome 3d Printer you want.. Yes, she has no respect! Well, there is a good chance her opinion may start to change soon.

So what is going on in the 3d Printing world? Well a couple of big things!

The first is a deal between one of the most successful confectionary manufacturers in the world Hersheys and one of the leaders in 3d Printing, 3d Systems.

What is that going to mean? Well the mind boggles. Imagine, covering your girlfriends eyes, creating a bit of suspense and then boom, you show her the 12 inch chocolate bar in form of her name!(Man, that is seriously romantic.)

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Organovo In The News – Reports Q1 Fiscal 2015 Results

Organovo (ONVO) Highlights

I noticed some interesting developments in the reporting of Organovo.  (Ticker ONVO).  I have previously invested in the company and done very well.  Doubling my money with the stock on more than one occasion.  But I must say that investing in the stock was not for the faint hearted.  I remember sitting there at midnight with my finger poised on the mouse to hit the ‘sell’ button as I watched the share price reel one way and then the other!  Wow, what a ride!

About Organovo

The reason I got into Organovo in the first place was pretty simple.  I heard that they were able to print human tissues and potentially create human organs.  Based on that I was in.  As it turns out I got in at the base of a pretty big up swing and stuck with it from being a penny stock to being listed on the larger NYSE.

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3D Systems Makes Two More Acquisitions

3D Systems (Ticker DDD) Acquires Sister Companies APP and APM

The behemoth 3D Printing Machine Manufacturer has just acquired companies that focus on rapid prototyping and manufacture in the Aerospace Sector.  This is a further signal that 3D Systems is acting on its strategic intent of making sure it’s reach is not just strong in the home and hobby 3d Printing space but also in the ‘state of the art’ commercial application of all things 3d.

I have been tracking 3D Systems for some time.  (Previously invested my hard earned cash and did very well catching some big share price spurts in 2013.)  3d Systems has fallen back of late with some really heavy hitting reviews as it missed some of it’s forecasts as did some of the larger 3d printing players.  Please note, I am no investment advisor!  I just enjoy following tech innovation.  I was lucky enough to pick up the curve on (DDD) and (ONVO) and did pretty well.  But of late I am not in the market.  Always make your own decisions carefully and do your research on any company you intent to invest in.

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11 Things To Consider When You Choose Your 3d Printer

So you want to buy a 3d Printer!?

You have some extra cash stacked away and the visa will handle it for sure. You have already justified it based on you having not bought anything for yourself in ages. Yes, you have been dreaming about 3d Printers since you first heard about them… Yes, you have gone out to the shed and paced out the area you need. No problem, just a bit of cleaning up. There’s even a bench that you can setup on.

At night you fall asleep dreaming up designs for your production system to churn out. Your wife keeps wondering why you have those vacant looks on your face. It’s your other love. She’s that awesome, future shaping 3d Printer! But, the choices. There are so many 3d Printers to choose from. Sure, you have a budget, but there is nothing worse than buying a complete ‘dog’ and not being able to produce those ideas that keep popping into your head!

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Living The 3d Printing Revolution

The 3d Printing Revolution

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my new blog! This is just an introductory post so I’ll keep it short and sweet. I decided to start a blog on 3d technologies.  This is due to my deep interest in all cutting edge and transformative technologies.  When I read about 3d printers for the first time, I was hooked.  My mind ran ahead with what 3d printing technology would do for human kind.

MakerBot 3d Printer
MakerBot 3d Printer

I feel that 3d Printing will transform our society!  Of course coupled with it is all the supporting technologies that it needs to work effectively.  So I will be covering, 3d Scanners, 3d Design Software and all things relating to “3d Printing” Production.  Of course to spice things up a bit and not be one dimensional 😉 I will also look into 3d games and 3d Movies.  Most likely with a focus on the production process.  This is what interests me the most! I can’t wait to see where 3d technology takes us and how it transforms our lives. Over the next few months I plan to be writing and sharing posts about 3d technologies including, 3d Printers, 3d Scanners, 3d Software, 3d entertainment, 3d games and software systems. That’s it for now! If you’d like to be kept updated with my posts “Like” this post or subscribe to my blog.

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