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Animated House gif Tiltbrush 3d Design

Gobsmacking 3D Design Software – Tiltbrush

TiltBrush – From 3d Design To 3d Art?  The Revolution Begins.

Every now and then something comes along that is so ground-breaking that I can’t help but get excited. This is one of those moments. A good friend of mine sent me a link to a soon to be released 3d Design Software – Tiltbrush.

3d Design With Tiltbrush
3d Design With Tiltbrush

Check out below the sort of images that this software is creating and view the video to see the way this “3D Design Software – Tiltbrush” is used. It is being hailed as one of the most amazing user interfaces.  Let’s pick up on the USP “Tilt Brush is a Virtual Reality Tool that paints the Space all around you.”

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Countdown To 3d Printing In Space

3d Printer In Space – HAL Yeah

Countdown Restarted For The First 3d Printer In Space

The first 3d Printer is about to be put into space. Yes, that’s right. History is being created. NASA will put the first 3d Printer into space and use it on board the International Space Station (ISS).  The initial launch was cancelled for Saturday, Sept. 20, but the new countdown is underway as of the writing of this post.

Countdown To 3d Printing In Space
Countdown To 3d Printing In Space

The 3d Printer That Will Make History

Below is the first 3d Printer In Space.  (All going well of course.) This is the printer that will be put into space only a few hours from the writing of this post.  It is a the Zero-G 3d Printer.  One of the goals of the project is to understand the long-terms effects of microgravity on 3D printing as well as how it can support space exploration in the future.

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Caution Disruptive Technology Ahead - 3D PRINTING

3d Printing – Disruptor Or Distraction?

3d Printing Disruptor Or Distraction?

Many technologies are put forward as disruptive. But what does that really mean and does 3d Printing fit into the category of being a truly disruptive innovation or technology? I have flip flopped from one side to the other a few times myself. So first things first, what defines a disruptive technology?

Caution Disruptive Technology Ahead - 3D PRINTING
Caution Disruptive Technology Ahead – 3D PRINTING

A disruptive technology is one that changes the rules. It basically supplants many technologies that was there before with its own DNA.  It up ends markets and traditional beneficiaries of whole industries.  Hence the term disruptive.

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3d Printing Jobs

3d Printing Jobs?

So You Are Thinking About A Job In 3d Printing?

Well let’s cut to the chase. It’s one of the fastest growth areas around. Naturally an area that is growing fast is going to be needing people to support that growth. But, of course when something is new and a little specialised, there is often no clear place to see all the job market action, at least in the early days.

3d Printing Jobs
3d Printing Jobs

After a little research I was able to find at least one 3d Printing Job market place focused on this particular growth area.  You can find the link below.

Growth Industry Often = Interesting Jobs

That’s right, it is a fast growing area. One of the biggest things I have learned in my working life, is to work in the growth areas. Remember the old saying, “a rising tide floats all boats”? It’s a good metaphor. If you are working in a strong growth area then the following often apply:

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The worlds cheapest 3d Printer uses a laser

PeachyPrinter – The Worlds Cheapest 3d Printer

So You Want To Try 3d Printing, But You Are A Cheapskate?

No problems, we have you covered! There are some amazing 3d Printers that can get you started with 3d Printing on the cheap. Yes, if you are on a budget, you can still score some pretty cool 3d Printers that can produce some great output.  One in particular gets my vote of support for, The Worlds Cheapest 3d Printer.

The worlds cheapest 3d Printer uses a laser
The worlds cheapest 3d Printer uses a laser.

So put that wad of cash away and just crack the piggy bank open. You can probably manage one of these with just the coins you have stashed away.

The guys at PeachyPrinter Have got a nice unit that you buy in a kit for around $100 dollars check out their PeachyPrinter Kick-starter.

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3d Imaging Software OM3D

Revolutionary 3d Imaging Software

3d Imaging And Rendering With A Twist

OM3D could be the lead-in to a new generation of heuristic 3d imaging software. It could be the start of something big. To get a sense of what this software is capable of, check out the video below. Seeing is believing.

What Is Clever About This 3d Imaging Software?

The clever part of this software is its ability to merge a 2d image with a 3d design, thereby using the 3d model to imply ‘new’ views of the image. Of course these are not true views, more like a best guess of what the new view would look like. The secret sauce is being able to merge the detail supplied by the 3d model and the variable properties of the target image in the 2d view. Of course the 3d object has all the precise details of the shape in three dimensions, but the picture has all the illumination, shadowing, colours and nuance. Bringing these together in an automated fashion is pretty big.

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Super Size Me – BigRep ONE 3d Printer

Would You Like Fries With That BigREP ONE 3d Printer?

BigREP ONE is one heck of a big 3d Printer at 1147 x 1000 x 1188 mm. That of course is a print volume of over 1 cubic meter if you hadn’t figured that already. (Or if you are talking inches, that’s 45 5⁄32″ X 39 3⁄8″ X 46 49⁄64″)

“BigREP ONE” takes it to a whole new level as far as what you can prototype in that large build space.

If you look at the supported printing materials below, it is a pretty amazing list. Note that there are a lot marked as experimental. Not sure what that means, but if you are keen on one of these babies, then it may pay you to ask the question.   Of course it won’t produce you a real edible super sized hamburger, but it will produce a darn big prototype in plastic!  Check out the food printer here if you wan that!

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3d Printed Hand Under Ten Bucks

Who Said Dad Was Mad?

Have a listen to this cool interview with this father and son team.  I particularly like the comment the son makes about his fathers wacky idea…  Haha it’s a classic.  (As seen on FOX News)

Clever Use Of Bio Mechanics In This 3d Printed Hand

The thing I liked about this design is that fact that it is purely bio mechanical.  If you noticed how the 3d Printed Hand worked it simply took advantage of the leverage created by the boy bending his wrist.  That is really useful innovation.  It avoids complex electronics and of course the need for batteries to power the hand.  All the added bulk of a traditional robotics approach can make the prosthetic heavy and of course potential prone to failing.  Of course it would only work for the person with a vestigial portion of the hand in tact.

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A 3d Printed House Is A Mans Castle… Right??

First, The 3d Printed Castle – Next The 3d Printed House?

Check out the pictures below and see the 3d Printer pumping concrete in the video.

3d Printed Castle
3d Printed Castle

That is pretty cool stuff. It certainly has the potential to revolutionise how house building and construction is done.

3d Printed Castle
3d Printed Castle

Innovation In 3d Printing Is Coming Fast!

The initiative is the work of Andrey Rudenko of The next project for Andrey will be a full-scale medium sized house. The impact on future of building and construction is hard to predict. But the advantages seem clear to me and are as follows:

The ability to:

  • Take a design from CAD (Computer Aided Design) to completion with no extra steps
  • Create non-standard shapes and forms cost effectively
  • Build hollow forms that are extremely strong
  • Create energy efficient houses using air gaps
  • Build with air conditioning and heating built into the walls etc
  • Optimisation of material used vs strength thereby lowering costs
  • Allow a new level of creativity for architects

The castle printing experiment was aimed at helping to perfect the 3d Printing concrete deposition methods. Andrey now believes he has now gained the information required to finalise his methodology to print a fully liveable house.

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