Animated House gif Tiltbrush 3d Design

Gobsmacking 3D Design Software – Tiltbrush

TiltBrush – From 3d Design To 3d Art?  The Revolution Begins.

Every now and then something comes along that is so ground-breaking that I can’t help but get excited. This is one of those moments. A good friend of mine sent me a link to a soon to be released 3d Design Software – Tiltbrush.

3d Design With Tiltbrush
3d Design With Tiltbrush

Check out below the sort of images that this software is creating and view the video to see the way this “3D Design Software – Tiltbrush” is used. It is being hailed as one of the most amazing user interfaces.  Let’s pick up on the USP “Tilt Brush is a Virtual Reality Tool that paints the Space all around you.”

So we can read into that, that we may be able to immerse oursleves in the design experience.  Now that would be a quantum leap!

No wonder it was Winner of the 2014 Proto Awards.  See the video to see the truly deserving winner in action.

A Revolution In 3d Design Is Coming

It is not that creating a 3d object like the ones show below, designed with Tiltbrush is not possible in other ways.

It of course is and has been for some time. But the time, skill level and comparative costs of production to going down the traditional creative path are huge.

Spaceship Tiltbrush 3d Design
Spaceship Tiltbrush 3d Design

We have seen it before.  Revolutions are underway when highly specialised skills and techniques are no longer required. When the time to do something is cut down to a fraction of what it took before.  Where a technology automates / facilitates aspects of something that is time consuming and hard to do previously.

Tiltbrush achieves this in my opinion. It is taking 3d designer object creation to the tipping point. Where innovative technology puts specialised capability into the hands of the masses. I call it democratising technology.  This 3D Design SoftwareTiltbrush seems to be achieving exactly that.

3d Animations Draw Your Attention

But, perhaps there is more to it than Tiltbrush being, just one more new and cool 3d design tool.

Animated House gif Tiltbrush 3d Design
Animated House gif Tiltbrush 3d Design

Immersive, Intuitive, Fast And Feature Rich 3d Designer ART = Revolution

By creating tools and a user interface that is so intuitive and natural the software takes us into the realm of breakthrough art creation. To say that this 3D Design Software – Tiltbrush is just creating 3d Objects is to undersell it I think. I don’t doubt that this software in the hands of creative people will mean that we will see things that are truly works of art.

These new works of art will be able to stimulate the senses in ways that go beyond the normal computer screen, or traditional media based experience. If we want to go further up a techno experiential hierarchy, we will perhaps have the chance to immerse ourselves in a truly virtual experience with the art itself as a viewer.

Perhaps one day seeing, touching hearing and feeling the art in a virtual world will be the norm. This is where gaming is at the leading edge of a major shift in our future virtual experiences.  But even more amazing is being able to immerse oneself in the actual design process!  Now there is a revolution if ever I saw one.

FlowerClean5 Tiltbrush 3d Design
FlowerClean5 Tiltbrush 3d Design

I look at things from a few perspectives, being interested in most things techie as well as being a software developer, not to mention my fascination with mastering online Marketing. I look at this innovation from these view-points and am amazed. I can see that this is truly breaking new ground in the following arenas:

  • Software Methodologies
  • Marketing Impact
  • Art Creation

Kudos to the Patrick Hackett, Drew Skillman and the team at 3D Design Software – Tiltbrush for making Tiltbrush a reality.  This 3d Design Software is something that any Marketer would dearly love to have at hand.  To be able to create a truly engaging 3d graphic object quickly and efficiently will change the rules.

Think back to what Adobe Photoshop™ did for the 2d graphic design world!  I know Adobe is working in this area.  But sometimes there are advantages in starting from scratch; with a blank slate.

What has been shown historically is that once a truly breakthrough technology surfaces, it can carve a dominant position in that niche for the innovator.  Often this dominance can be for quite some time.  Maybe we are seeing it right here with Tiltbrush?

Release Date For Tiltbrush 3d Design Software?

I asked Patrick about launch details and he can’t say when the beta will be out there… They are still adding some “key features” as he put it. With what I saw this software doing on the video demo, I can only guess at what other cool stuff Patrick is cooking up.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a beta of this Gobsmacking 3D Design Software – Tiltbrush!

Tiltbrush, A Marketers Dream Come True

Let’s look at this from a marketing angle for a moment. Imagine you create a 3d Tiltbrush giff with a focus on some of the cool aspects of your business.  Or perhaps knock out a logo for that new product promotion you are doing. A few minutes work creating a unique Tiltbrush 3d animation could see you stand out so far from the pack. Yes, people will be Gobsmacked!

3D Design Software – Tiltbrush The Link To Gaming And Virtual Reality

There is a few mentions of Oculus around Tiltbrush.  Of course the quote  in the USP of “Tilt Brush is a Virtual Reality Tool that paints the Space all around you.” shows how the revolution may unfold.

Oculus create virtual reality products like head sets and tracking systems along with software that is taking virtual reality gaming to a whole new level. When working in this space you need the software that is capable of designing those virtual reality and gaming views and worlds. I am not aware of many other pieces of software that could match how quickly Tiltbrush to be creating such incredible 3d objects as we see in the video demo.

I am not exactly sure what the relationship is to Tiltbrush, but I can see that Tiltbrush is able to create 3d Graphics that would be mind blowing in a virtual reality environment. Oculus Virtual Reality head sets and systems would be incredible also as an interface to the design experience I would think. Interacting in full VR with your Tiltbrush design would be something transformative to the graphic design world.

If I get anything further from Patrick on the Tiltbrush release date on the beta I will update this post.

I have my old trusty Wacom pallet on standby. I hope I can still use that..  Maybe I need to get one of those groovy Virtual Reality Development kits from Oculus and get wet with some serious immersion!

I will look forward to swishing out a traffic stopping 3d logo animation or two as soon as this 3D Design Software – Tiltbrush becomes available.  Rest assured I will make a video and post it here as a feature, if I get a beta copy to try out.

Conclusions 3D Design Software – Tiltbrush

Just lIke Adobe Photoshop™ was one of the leaders.  Adobe broke new ground by creating software that enabled speedy and cost effective creation, editing and manipulation of 2d bitmap graphics.  3D Design Software – Tiltbrush seems to be paving the way for the next 3d art creation revolution.







Gobsmacking 3D Design Software – Tiltbrush

*Oculus is the result of a Kickstarter launch. Kickstarters are truly adding to the 3d revolution by enabling innovation at breakneck speed.

Adobe Photoshop™ is the trade mark of Adobe Systems

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