3d Printed Hand Under Ten Bucks

Who Said Dad Was Mad?

Have a listen to this cool interview with this father and son team.  I particularly like the comment the son makes about his fathers wacky idea…  Haha it’s a classic.  (As seen on FOX News)

Clever Use Of Bio Mechanics In This 3d Printed Hand

The thing I liked about this design is that fact that it is purely bio mechanical.  If you noticed how the 3d Printed Hand worked it simply took advantage of the leverage created by the boy bending his wrist.  That is really useful innovation.  It avoids complex electronics and of course the need for batteries to power the hand.  All the added bulk of a traditional robotics approach can make the prosthetic heavy and of course potential prone to failing.  Of course it would only work for the person with a vestigial portion of the hand in tact.

It is clear that this model is rudimentary, but the fact that the project is ‘open source’  means that many, many clever minds can be working to improve the design and make it better with each iteration.  The obvious advantages of this development model means that people with a specific and burning need for a solution are working in a highly motivated way on the project.  It also allows other motivated individuals with a passion to do good, to participate.  This means that improvement is not inhibited by Governments, Medical Bodies, Grants and other factors which used to hold back technologies.  It is what I call true ‘democratisation of the science’ into the hands of the people that wish to drive it forward.  The 3d Printed Hand is a classic example of this in action.

3d Systems Offers It’s Design For A 3d Printed Hand

The behemoth 3d Printing Machine maker 3d Systems (DDD) has also weighed in on the 3d Printed hand front.  Their estimate on cost is a little higher than ten bucks.  But non the less it does look a pretty nice finished result on this “3d Printed Hand”.

 Conclusions On The 3d Printed Hand That Dad Built

The design and production of these prosthetic 3d Printed Hands is helping people with disabilities get back their independence.  It also provides hope for improvement.

Probably the most important aspect of these innovations are the democratisation creative process.  It is exciting to see design, development and building of devices to help humanity done by the little guy.  This sort of work was once the bastion of the specialist medical lab only. These new builders and visionaries are helping to revolutionise the medical prosthetics space and it is evolving fast.  Yes, even dad in the back shed can cook up some pretty cool stuff and change his boys life…

Who knows where it will lead?

3d Printed Hand - beast-feat
3d Printed Hand – beast-feat



 3d Printed Hand Under Ten Bucks

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