A 3d Printed House Is A Mans Castle… Right??

First, The 3d Printed Castle – Next The 3d Printed House?

Check out the pictures below and see the 3d Printer pumping concrete in the video.

3d Printed Castle
3d Printed Castle

That is pretty cool stuff. It certainly has the potential to revolutionise how house building and construction is done.

3d Printed Castle
3d Printed Castle

Innovation In 3d Printing Is Coming Fast!

The initiative is the work of Andrey Rudenko of www.totalkustom.com. The next project for Andrey will be a full-scale medium sized house. The impact on future of building and construction is hard to predict. But the advantages seem clear to me and are as follows:

The ability to:

  • Take a design from CAD (Computer Aided Design) to completion with no extra steps
  • Create non-standard shapes and forms cost effectively
  • Build hollow forms that are extremely strong
  • Create energy efficient houses using air gaps
  • Build with air conditioning and heating built into the walls etc
  • Optimisation of material used vs strength thereby lowering costs
  • Allow a new level of creativity for architects

The castle printing experiment was aimed at helping to perfect the 3d Printing concrete deposition methods. Andrey now believes he has now gained the information required to finalise his methodology to print a fully liveable house.

Expressions of interest for parties that wish to have a 3d Printed house created on their block can be sent to Andrey. Yes, that’s right you could be the proud owner of a freshly 3d Printed House produced by Andrey and his team.

Warning: 3d Concrete Printing In Progress

Have a look at some of the printing methods that Andrey has used below.

The printer seemed surprisingly fast to me. Andrey believes he can also speed the process up when he moves to production of the first “3d Printed House”.

The castle was produced with the turrets and the roof being made separately. This created some headaches in final positioning and fitting of these parts. Andrey will 3d Print the final house as a complete unit. Some limitation are imposed by weather as far as deposition of the concreting. There is also some limitations with what sort of weather the roofing is suitable for. Whilst this was not completely clear what those limitations are, I can see that there will of course be lot’s to learn about construction using this new and revolutionary technology.

Conclusions On 3d Printing Moving To The Building Industry

Obviously there will be a lot of testing of any 3d Printed House, along with acceptance in building standards which would be defined by the various bodies in the areas where a particular house was being 3d Printed.  There may even be some significant barriers to 3d Printing in some jurisdictions in the short term.  But for the medium term there is no doubt that this is a significant breakthrough and another step in the unfolding 3d Printing Revolution.  Certainly kicked in the ‘wow’ factor for me.

Lance White

A 3d Printed House Is A Mans Castle… Right??

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