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Register as a user on this site HERE and submit your geo location and specialty.

The process is simple

  1. Register as a subscriber on this site.  HERE
  2. Send me an email requesting an upgrade to a contributor (lance_white ‘at’ 3drevolutions.com Please make sure to introduce yourself and tell me a little about you and what you do. If you have a 3d Printer/s or 3d Scanner/s available please send a picture/s in your email.  Please also make sure to include a phone number in case I need to contact you.)
  3. I will email back when your upgrade is done.  (Within 48 Hours)
  4. Refresh the page and then add a new Placemark
  5. Put your business name or if you are not a business your own name and printer type for example in the Title
  6. Add details in the main post area on what you have available along with contact details
  7. Fill out the street address field
  8. Set the checkbox to the appropriate category.  Please just select one. (You can add more details to the post covering multiple services you may have.)
  9. Submit for approval (Allow 48 hours)

At this stage we have 3 main Categories.

  1. 3d Printers
  2. 3d Printer Supplies
  3. 3d Scanner Locations

Other Categories can be added based on requests.  Just use the contact form below and we can discuss your request.

Please note, I will try to approve your geo location posts as quickly as possible.  Please also send me an email if you want approval as fast as possible.



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