3d Printing Jobs

3d Printing Jobs?

So You Are Thinking About A Job In 3d Printing?

Well let’s cut to the chase. It’s one of the fastest growth areas around. Naturally an area that is growing fast is going to be needing people to support that growth. But, of course when something is new and a little specialised, there is often no clear place to see all the job market action, at least in the early days.

3d Printing Jobs
3d Printing Jobs

After a little research I was able to find at least one 3d Printing Job market place focused on this particular growth area.  You can find the link below.

Growth Industry Often = Interesting Jobs

That’s right, it is a fast growing area. One of the biggest things I have learned in my working life, is to work in the growth areas. Remember the old saying, “a rising tide floats all boats”? It’s a good metaphor. If you are working in a strong growth area then the following often apply:

  • Strong investment funding will be available
  • Budgets are more flexible and tuned to fund growth rather than manage cost
  • Some failure is anticipated due to the need to foster pioneering and growth
  • Career advancement can be fast for people with the right qualities
  • More scope to define your own fast changing job role
  • Much more likely hood of head hunters being active
  • Likely interesting work based around growth rather than cost cutting
  • Relocations of staff are often frequent

These are just a few of my observations having often worked in and around fast growth areas.

3d Printing Jobs fits well into this growth category.  It’s an industry that is exploding and poised to make major change to our lives.  Below is a small list of the attributes of the industry and why it could be an exciting place to work. (Potentially of course!)

But if you don’t like the following then maybe don’t even think about it:

  • Fast paced environment
  • Non-stop change
  • Non-stop learning
  • Constant needing to educate other on the new arena
  • Constantly reminding people of the differences of mindset required to harness a growth industry
  • Travel / location changes

“That’s is all fine.” You are probably saying to yourself, “I don’t have a 3d Printing or related degree”. Or, “I don’t have any experience in a 3d Printing Job.”

Generally the barriers are your own mindset, not the opportunity itself. All the related areas are still required. A burgeoning industry like 3d Printing needs:

  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • Electrical Techs
  • Biologists (Yes, biologists!)
  • Computer Programmers
  • Computer Support Techs
  • Sales People
  • Business Development People
  • Managers
  • CEO’s

Here is a job board I found that is dedicated to the industry, check out the range of roles.  Of course each of the 3d Printing Manufacturers, will also have their own offerings on their sites too.  Here is an example of the 3d Systems, 3d Printing Jobs section.

How Could You Make The Transition To A 3d Printing Related Job?

If you can see the possibilities, you are probably wondering how to swing a change and get a “3d Printing Job”. Below, I will list some of the ways that I have seen work to build what I call a transitional bridge.

Start Looking And Networking In The Right Places.

Be informed and do your research. This is one of the most important aspects in any job search. But probably even more important in a fast moving area. If you can demonstrate you are across the moves and action in the industry then it can put you way ahead of someone that is well qualified but clueless or uncaring about what is going on.  Attend events that are focused on 3d Printing and associated conferences.

There are some good lists of events on the Stratasys site HERE and 3d Systems site HERE.

You can find one in your area or even drop into an event while travelling.  I have often done this.  I choose an area I am interested in and locate events and drop in.  It’s surprising how you can meet some pretty interesting people and make contacts very quickly at a major trade show or conference.  With very little effort you can end up networking with a person that could be the contact that matters.

Relate And Translate

The bottom line is that it’s more about being able to relate your skills and experiences to what you can do for the particular industry / interested company.  Then once ‘inside’ and working in a 3d Printing Job, it’s about building on that career by bringing all those things you have learned in your previous work.

It’s also about your mindset and building the bridges when communicating.  You may be perfectly suited to a ‘3d Printing Job’ and be the ideal applicant.  Being able to tell a story of how you introduced and broke through when marketing a new product or service in your industry, may trigger just the right response to a trade show exhibitor you happen to be talking to, that wants to get their product out there in an otherwise foreign market.

Look The Part

If you want to work in a fast moving growth industry, but you have the look of someone that is ‘old school’.  If you are a little slow to move in your view of the world and use a lot of “yes but’s”, you may be projecting that you are not a good ‘fit’. So it’s worth taking a good hard look in the mirror.

Be prepared for an opportunity at any time. You never know when a scenario will be thrown at you that will require you to show you have the energy and fast thinking skills to move and be action orientated.  Remember these companies are looking to establish outposts everywhere.  Because the industry is so new, the movers and shakers are still building their international presences.  So don’t forget it.  That 3d Printing Job could be just around the corner.

Conclusions On The Opportunities Around 3d Printing Jobs

It does seem like the time to capitalise is right now.  The 3d Printing industry has exploded in the last few years.  It is only at the start of the growth curve.  If you are looking for an exciting career that would be challenging and fast paced, then a related 3d Printing Job could be a blast.  Remember when making any transition it is all about building a bridge in your mind about how your skills and experiences translate.  Don’t focus on the technology, focus on the what needs the company you are targeting is likely to have.  Then the pitch becomes so much easier.  In fact you may be surprised about how much you know.

I will be interested in your feedback.  Perhaps you have found the need to translate your skills and experiences so that you could move into another industry before?

It can certainly avoid you being put in a position of lessening employment prospects if you become adept at doing these sort of mental and verbal gymnastics.



3d Printing Job

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