The New 3d Systems Industrial 3d Printer Line Up

3d Printing News Alert: 3d Systems New 3d Printer Lineup

You can dream right? 3d Systems New 3d Printer Range

This looks like a pretty strong move by the company.

I have been a bit critical of how 3d Systems had focused a little too much on the consumer range of 3d Printers. This was a great initial move by the company and gave them a huge jump on the market.

3d Systems Aggressive In The Consumer 3d Printer Space

Moving aggressively in the home consumer area gave 3d Systems media attention and certainly sold the sizzle of 3d Printing and its future to the world. “Let’s put a 3d Printer in every Blokes Shed!” Is how I would sum up the strategy from an outsiders viewpoint.  Of course that included schools, Universities and the like.

It wasn’t that 3d Systems didn’t have industrial grade printers.  They certainly do.  But this range looks like a serious push to increase focus on the lucrative industrial / commercial end of the market.

3d Systems The Iconic 3d Printing Play

Becoming an icon in the consumer 3d Printing space was a great move to get investors excited. But of course the weakness in the strategy or focus, is that the barrier to entry for new players is not too high. Let’s face it the technology behind your basic plastic extruding 3d Printer is pretty well understood now. Consequently there has naturally been a flood of new entrants into the 3d Printing market.

The result is that now, it is a real challenge to gain market share in the consumer or retail space. Consequently there has also been a commoditisation affect on the price of consumer level 3d Printers.

Stratasys Going The Full 15 Rounds

That is my rationale on why Stratasys has done particularly well share price and strategy wise. They were more focused on the industrial and commercial markets. Being well and truly entrenched for some time with a strong line-up of heavy hitter type 3d Printers.  Don’t expect to find a cheap in their line-up of industrial engines of course. Industrial players can afford to top dollar for a 3d Printer.  It’s small beer in the scheme of modern manufacturing and can pay back in no time with a good business case.

Stratasys Moves Into Consumer Grade 3d Printers With Makerbot

Then out of the blue Stratasys picked up Makerbot. This was a gazumping strategy putting 3d Systems on the back foot big time. 3d Systems has hit back with a series of aquisitions. And in fact was already aggressively acquiring companies prior to the Makerbot move by Stratasys.  The next logical move was to come out with it’s own branded industrial 3d Printers. The shorting action on 3d Systems has cruelled the price down from a high of the mid 90’s down to a recent low of around $35. (That’s big) I exited all my positions in 3d Systems when I could see some of this coming at around $90. Anyhow enough of that. Please note, I don’t give investment advice, but do take an interest in what is going on with the various 3d Printer Manufacturers.  I currently don’t have any position in 3d Printers Manufacturers.

Well Here They Are! “So let’s get to the meat and potatoes.”

The New 3d Systems Industrial 3d Printer Line Up
The New 3d Systems Industrial 3d Printer Line Up

3d Systems New 3d Printers

Industrial Grade 3d Printers

The 3d Systems New 3d Printer Range of industrial 3d Printers looks pretty awesome. Watch that share price! (NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE). These are a crop of 3d Printers aimed squarely at rounding up the industrial market. Check out the videos below and see how these guys have really come up with some hard hitting 3d Printers that would be a sales guys dream come true. I don’t think we are going to see these in every mans garage, but none the less I imagine one in mine. I am just wondering how I could justify one to the wife! The results of the output of some of these printers is truly inspiring.

Remember Even A Hobbyist Will Get Access

It will likely mean that we will see these guys popping up in the field and that means that if you wanted to access one to output your model to a commercial standard you are going to have options. (See story on 3dHubs HERE)

Don’t think like you have to own one to access one of these babies.  You can often get all the benefits without the overhead if you think a little differently and outsource to someone that will use all the machines capacity.

Let’s run through “3d Systems New 3d Printer” range.

ProX™ 400 Direct Metal 3D Printer

ProX™ 400 Direct Metal 3D Printer
ProX™ 400 Direct Metal 3D Printer

This is a serious piece of gear. You start to see how 3d Printing will be / is a game changer. The ability to output a part in all these various metals listed below means that specialised parts, moulds and die for injection moulds can be in hand in short order.

The money that can be charged for breakdown parts that can be made overnight for industrial equipment is significant in itself. This equipment has the ability to produce a useable part that can be fitted and run with. It must be changing the way that spare parts supply chain is being considered as I write this post.

ProX™ 400 also has big build volume for a metal printer.

Some Of The Features Of The ProX™ 400 Direct Metal 3D Printer

  • 500 x 500 x 500 mm build volume
  • High-quality, fully dense metal parts for demanding industrial applications
  • Print in more than a dozen alloys, including stainless steel, aluminium, cobalt chrome, titanium and maraging steel

ProX™ 800 SLA® 3D Printer

Check out the video on theProX™ 800 SLA® ‘3d Systems New 3d Printer‘. The way those parts rise up out of the bath is truly awesome to watch. It does look like something out of a sci fi movie! Seriously, I have to pinch myself to remind me I am not dreaming. When I first got excited about lasers and 2d laser printing, I imagined a laser being able to trigger curing in a light sensitive slurry and sketched away at various designs to produce a 3d object. There was a lot of gaps in my plan of course, such as to what software I could use to drive the laser to reproduce the object. it’s just inspiring to see it all happening now and with a break neck speed of advancement.

Some Of The Features Of The ProX™ 800 SLA® 3D Printer

50% smaller footprint, therefore doubling production output per unit of floor space
Innovative direct power print head control, thus reducing total cost of ownership
New touchscreen and easy load materials module for maximum operator efficiency

ProX™ 500 Plus SLS® 3D Printer

The next in the 3d Systems New 3d Printer range is the ProX™ 500 With 3 materials that have performance characteristics for specific end uses, this is really interesting 3d Printer.

  • Some Of The Features Of The ProX™ 500 Plus SLS® 3D Printer
  • Builds on ProX™ 500’s superior part quality, precision and durability
  • Expanded range of new materials and offers new faster print speeds and higher resolution
  • New materials include glass-filled DuraForm® ProX GF, aluminium filled DuraForm ProX AF+ and DuraForm EX

Definitions Of The Materials For The ProX™ 500 Plus SLS® 3D Printer

I had to look up what the materials were.  Here is what I was able to find.  Looks pretty interesting as a set of materials for various industrial applications.

  • DuraForm ProX GF is a glass-filled polyamide (Nylon) material formulated for maximum stiffness and elevated temperature resistance. For parts that will undergo thermal stress or those that require high rigidity—like aircraft and automotive parts, complex housings and enclosures—DuraForm ProX GF will be the go-to material.
  • DuraForm ProX AF+ material is an aluminium filled polyamide (Nylon) with a grey appearance, high strength-to-weight ratio, elevated thermal resistance and improved machinability. This material is perfect for manifolds and similar under-hood automotive models in addition to jigs and fixtures—any end-use or working prototypes with a cast aluminium aesthetic for engine and other equipment components requiring high force loading.
  • DuraForm ProX EX is a high impact strength nylon material with increased durability and remarkable flexibility. DuraForm ProX EX will be ideal for applications with high-force snap-fit designs, thin-walled parts and other fine-featured models needing nearly indestructible toughness and durability.

 Conclusions On 3d Systems New 3d Printer Range

It looks like a very strong line-up of Industrial grade printers that will do very well for 3d Systems.  It certainly is an answer to those that have questioned the path forward for the company.  The share price already looks to be responding.  I will certainly keep watching.

For those of you that think, I would never be able to own one.  Think about what we all will get access to as these pieces of gear get into the field and become accessible online!  This is truly a revolutionary time we are living in.  But also we have to think a little differently as the world changes.

Industrial application for these range of 3d Printers is strong.  The business case for a 3d Printer is becoming a ‘no brainer’ when it is possible to produce this grade of output in so many variable materials in such large build volumes.  3d Systems look to have raised the bar.  Not to mention these 3d Printers look beautiful as far as design and form factor goes.

Did I just call a 3d Printer “beautiful”?  Yes, I am hooked on 3d Printing for sure!  Talk again soon.

You can sign up for the live feed from the EuroMold 2014 unveiling.  (I’ve already booked my spot.)   HERE 3D Systems Unveils Next Generation Design-to-Manufacturing Solutions at EuroMold 2014

Replay Of Next Generation Design-to-Manufacturing Solutions at EuroMold 2014, Is Now Available Below

Super Informative Roundup On 3d Systems Current Range Of 3d Printers and 3d Software

I found this an excellent update.  Without diving too deep the key features of each piece of gear and how it fits into the overall product architecture was covered.

Gave me a ton more information than I had already.  I also was amazed at the build size of some of the industrial range.  3d Printing is clearly shaking up the manufacturing industry.  One of the high lights of the mix was the continuous production line.  There was little information, but there were samples of multi colour 3d objects that were being produced on a mini 3d Production line continuously!  I am looking forward to do a story on this soon.


You can dream right? 3d Systems New 3d Printer Range


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