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Fascinated By Technology And It’s Impact On The Future

I am fascinated by new and evolving technology and like to forecast where I think the new innovations and technologies will take us.  Every post I make I will no doubt forecast where I think the impact will be from this technology now and in the future.  Of course some forecasts may be right and some may be wrong!

Hooked On 3d Printing

I began my interest in 3d Printing around 4 years ago as I first became aware of the impact 3d Printing was making.  To see the possibility of 3d Printing human tissues into complete organs at some stage in the future really got me in.

I then took to investing in 3d Printing stocks and did quite well a couple of years ago.  I was lucky enough to get in prior to the big drops of some of stocks like 3d Systems (DDD) and Organovo (ONVO).  I have since exited the market and may invest again, but for the moment I am just excited to follow the revolution that is everything 3d.  I do not give investment advice!  So anything you invest in, do so at your own risk.

3d Software Digitising The World

I can see that 3d related software is also advancing quickly.  Things like 3d digitisation, 3d design and 3d manipulation are moving at break neck speed.  I am extremely interested in software after creating real time trading platforms.  I found recruiting, training and managing a distributed software team extremely rewarding.

I continue to develop software and stay across the cutting edge of what is going on.  So I will keep you posted on software that I think is leading the revolution in the 3d space.

I allow my interest to extend to gaming, as I can see that these guys are truly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in 3d or even with a computer for that matter. Things like virtual reality will most likely impact on us in all aspects of our lives.  It may start in gaming, but will clearly extend itself into areas such as medical diagnosis and much more as new ground is broken.

3d Revolutions Site Focus

We will of course be covering anything cutting edge or ground breaking on:

  • 3d Printing Hardware Including Scanning
  • 3d Digitising Hardware
  • 3d Operational Software
  • 3d Design Software, Object Sharing And Storage
  • 3d Gaming Software And Virtual Reality
  • 3d Programming
  • 3d Movies & Animation
  • This will include 3d News and Roundups

The Revolution Is Here

The 3d revolution is upon us.  We will move increasingly into a world that is impacted by 3d technology.  3d technologies and innovations will be the bridge that takes our modern world on an amazing new ride.  3d related technology may be leading us to the next phase in our industrial revolution.

3d software and technologies may show the way for us to explore a completely new world designed and built by us within a computer.  Worlds that only exist in data but can be touched, felt in a virtual way as though we are there.  We may soon be able to produce living organs in desktop factories.  These are just a few of the things that not more than a few years ago would have been fantasy.  Now they are close to realities.



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