Human 3d Printed Replacement Parts Become The Norm?

The 3d Printing Revolution Will Affect Nearly Every Aspect Of Human Life

I saw this story by Reporter Greg Hoy on the ABC 7.30 Report Hosted by Leigh Sales on the 22nd of October and wanted to share it with all of you that missed it.  It really hit the ball out of the park, showing how the 3d Printing Revolution is changing just about every aspect of our human society.

It’s a great round up of where we are at with 3d Printing.  It does cover a lot more than the medical case that it says on the stories label.

Perhaps we could put this video away as a time capsule and dig it out again in a decade or so.  I am pretty sure we will see a big contrast.  The speed of development is amazing.

The story really does a great job of showing us how 3d Printed titanium implants will start to become commonplace in medical treatments.  But also it shows how we may in the near future see advances in tissue and organ treatments.  Perhaps the biggest thing that the average person will have a little difficulty imagining are nano scale machines that can be analogues to things like human cells.  I will dedicate an article to nano scale 3d Printing as it is a mind blowing area of change.  It possibly has the biggest potential to impact on our lives of all the categories of 3d Printing.

Human 3d Printed Replacement Parts

3d Printed Heal Replacement For Cancer Patient

Time Stamps on the video 00:00 – 03:07

The first segment of the story covers human 3d Printed replacement parts.  Recipient Len Chandler was able to have his cancerous heal removed and refitted with a 3d Printed titanium replacement.  The surgeon Professor Peter Choong outlines how important this innovation is to the future of medical science and how it contrasts to what was an arduous and difficult procedure in the recent past.

The compatible human 3d Printed replacement parts can be made in a fraction of the time and with much greater precision.  The recipient of the “human 3d Printed replacement part”  Len Chandler seems very happy with the results in the video.  He was claiming he was pain free in the story, recovering well and ready for action.

3d Printed Heal Replacement
3d Printed Heal Replacement

Video courtesy of the ABC 7.30 Report 

Local Motors The First 3d Printed Car

Time Stamps on the video 03:08 – 03:29

Local Motors 3d Printed Car
Local Motors 3d Printed Car

I recently did an article on this amazing first HERE.  The guys at Local Motors have certainly delivered a defining point in our history with the first 3d Printed car.  Milestones like this don’t come along every day.  It is great to be here witnessing it real time!

3d Bio Printing Living Cell Structures

Time Stamps on the video 03:30 – 03:51

3d Printed Human Organ Like Structures
3d Printed Human Organ Like Structures

The coverage in the story on how 3d Printed structures are being created to allow repair of all sorts of our bodies intricate organs is a really exciting use of the technology.  Professor Anthony Atalia is creating components like 3d Printed ears, that will allow repairs for soldiers with horrific injuries in combat action.  The military use of technology is another great indicator of what we may soon see in our lives as common place.

This part of the story really drives home the growing role of ‘Human 3d Printed Replacement Parts’ in medicine.

3d Nano Printing

Time Stamps on the video 03:52 – 04:56

3d Printing Nano Scale Robots Targeted Drug Delivery
3d Printing Nano Scale Robots Targeted Drug Delivery

Nano Bot Drug Delivery

The idea of producing 3d Printing micro or nano scale robots that can travel through the human blood system and clear plaques is really stretching our imaginations. These nano machines will in the near future also be able to deliver targeted drugs.  It is likely that they will be injected into the body and then go about doing a very specific job that would otherwise have required major surgeries or other poorly targeted strategies to repair.

Invisible Fabric

The application of 3d Printing at nano scale does not end there, with the truly mind bending idea of being able to print invisible fabrics being talked about as possible with nano scale 3d Printing.  Yes, you heard correctly.  It is possible to print fabrics that will be able to elude certain wave lengths of light.  The properties that can be manipulated when you work at nano scale are myriad.  Nano scale materials have the ability to change the properties of stuff that we think are normal.

3d Printed Fashion

Time Stamps on the video 4:57 – 5:45

3d Printing Seamless Garments
3d Printing Seamless Garments

3d Printing fabrics is giving us surfaces without seams and parts.  This is allowing designers to conceive of new and unusual clothing.  Perhaps the alien dress on the set of the next Star Wars or Star Trek movie won’t look to strange soon?

With 3d scanning of your body perfect fitting and tailoring of 3d Printed garments is not far away.  I wonder how long it will be before we see these scanners in the local department store?

3d Printing Of Space Vehicle Parts

Time Stamps on the video 05:46 – 05:59

Nasa 3d Printing Space Vehicle Parts
Nasa 3d Printing Space Vehicle Parts

Maximising Mobility Of Space Vehicles

Nasa is heading up the leading edge of the 3d Printing movement as usual, using the technology to maximise mobility of its upcoming space vehicles.  I recently did a story on 3d Printing In Space HERE.  Space exploration is one of the best pointers to our future.  It tends to indicate what technologies are going to be seen in every day life in the not to distant future.

Chinese 3d Printing Houses

Time Stamps on the video 06:00 – 06:20

3d Printed Chinese Houses
3d Printed Chinese Houses
3d Printing Chinese Houses
3d Printing Chinese Houses

A New Way Of Creating Low Cost Housing

3d Printed housing is another area that caught me out.  I had not really imagined the use of 3d Printing in this area.  But when you think about the benefits are completely logical.  The labour costs can be very low and the structural design options are only limited by the designers or architects imagination!  You can find another recent story HERE on 3d Printed housing.

Summing Up

What a great story this is.  Without going into too much detail it does give us a point in history that we can look back on and remember this date. We can then contrast where we are in the future and see how far 3d Printing technology has come.  It is clear that each of these technologies are morphing.  With the 3d Printing component being the core of something that is driving incredible innovative and new ways of doing things.

It is an exciting area to watch and see evolve.  The pace and breadth of this change is truly mind stretching.  Thanks to the ABC and the 7.30 report for putting this together.




3d Printed Human Replacement Parts


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