Organovo In The News – Reports Q1 Fiscal 2015 Results

Organovo (ONVO) Highlights

I noticed some interesting developments in the reporting of Organovo.  (Ticker ONVO).  I have previously invested in the company and done very well.  Doubling my money with the stock on more than one occasion.  But I must say that investing in the stock was not for the faint hearted.  I remember sitting there at midnight with my finger poised on the mouse to hit the ‘sell’ button as I watched the share price reel one way and then the other!  Wow, what a ride!

About Organovo

The reason I got into Organovo in the first place was pretty simple.  I heard that they were able to print human tissues and potentially create human organs.  Based on that I was in.  As it turns out I got in at the base of a pretty big up swing and stuck with it from being a penny stock to being listed on the larger NYSE.

I am currently not invested in “Organovo”.  Although I do wish I still had a small parcel for the future.  (Long term)

University Verticals Developed

I noted that they have been engaged in the development of source cell lines for 3D kidney tissue bioprinting activities Queensland University.  Which seems to be a growing trend.

Breast Tissue Models

Organovo are also developing breast tissue structures for testing.  Which seems to be potentially a great move.

Gregory T. Lucier Advisor

But probably the most important move is the appointment of Gregory T. Lucier, former Chairman and CEO of Life Technologies, as a corporate advisor.  That seems to be a really important move.  He has a track record of very strong success in Life Technologies and was a senior manager in GE.  So I would think that this may be a catalyst for some real positive moves into the future.  Please read my disclaimer at the bottom of the page!  I see investing in these  tech stocks as a high risk activity so do so at your own risk.  I am also not invested in Organovo at the moment but do still follow it.

If you are interested in more details check out the news release below.  It certainly is an exciting tech company.  But of course remember that there will be lot’s of competition as stem cell and cloning of organ tissue structures is a logical threat.

See the news release here



I do not provide investment advice and am not an investment advisor.  I am simply an interested observer of 3d Printing, 3d Innovation and tech companies in general.  So please do your own research and make sure to seek good advice, if you are going to use your hard earned money investing.  Lance White

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