The worlds cheapest 3d Printer uses a laser

PeachyPrinter – The Worlds Cheapest 3d Printer

So You Want To Try 3d Printing, But You Are A Cheapskate?

No problems, we have you covered! There are some amazing 3d Printers that can get you started with 3d Printing on the cheap. Yes, if you are on a budget, you can still score some pretty cool 3d Printers that can produce some great output.  One in particular gets my vote of support for, The Worlds Cheapest 3d Printer.

The worlds cheapest 3d Printer uses a laser
The worlds cheapest 3d Printer uses a laser.

So put that wad of cash away and just crack the piggy bank open. You can probably manage one of these with just the coins you have stashed away.

The guys at PeachyPrinter Have got a nice unit that you buy in a kit for around $100 dollars check out their PeachyPrinter Kick-starter.

How are they making the PeachyPrinter so cheaply?

Two main factors have given the PeachyPrinter the current title as “The Worlds Cheapest 3d Printer”.

  1. Kick-starter Factor
  2. Photolithographic Printing Methodology (Laser printing )

1/ Kick-starters are a great way to keep the overheads down on a project.  A Kick-starter is where you participate to help an inventor, project owner or team to get their ideas off the ground.  It is also referred to as Crowd Funding.

Often the team or individual doing a Kick-starter does not carry the same overheads as a traditional business. They are in startup mode and often running lean and mean. Not to mention the fact that they often don’t yet know the true costs and may be financing aspects of the product themselves out of their own hard work. So if you happen to see some product on a Kick-starter you really like and you could use, then you may get a great product at a discount price. Of course the risks are that you may wait a really long time for the product or of course it may never come! Yes, that’s right. Kick-starters are risky.

The PeachyPrinter is a great example of a Kick-starter done well. There is a team working on the PeachyPrinter.

The PeachyPrinter Team Bringing You The Worlds Cheapest 3d Printer

Rylan Grayston – Owner, Inventor, Software Developer. Rylan is a 28 year old entrepreneur living in Yorkton, SK.

David Boe – Owner, Investor, Business Manager. David is a 38 year old certified Heavy Duty mechanic who is currently employed by Edmonton Kenworth in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Nathan Grayston – Advertising & Marketing. Nathan is a 21 year old entrepreneur living in Yorkton, SK. H

Josh Ellis – Owner and inventor of MakerJuice. Josh is a 28 year old engineer residing in Kansas City, MO. He is focusing on the Photolithographic resins

Scott Walde – Circuit Designer

Gage Bush – 3D Modelling and Animation

James Cooper – Senior Software Designer

Kurtis Wanner – President and CEO of FingerTech Robotics LTD. Kurtis is adding value to the project with his many connections in the manufacturing industry and his familiarity with online retail stores, managing shipments, and providing great customer service.

So, it is clear that there is a serious team working on the PeachyPrinter. The Kick-starter was over funded. The last time I checked it was sitting pretty with some awesome stats.

4,420 backers
$651,091 pledged of $50,000 goal

This is a great example of how Kick-starters can work.

Innovation is continuing on the product too. I just watched the last circuit board update and it shows that the team are really pushing forward on the product and making it more user friendly to get a kit built and running.

2/ The PeachyPrinter uses a laser photolithographic process. This means that a laser triggers curing of a light sensitive liquid. The great thing about this method is that it can give incredibly good resolutions. Of course a laser can also scan at incredible speed. Much faster than a stepper motor can drive a printer head.

It also means that there are virtually no moving parts or need for heavy framing to ensure rigidity. Make sure to watch the video on how the PeachyPrinter works then you can see how clever the design is.

They are actually using sound waves to push the laser around and generate the movement that tracks the slices of image. Brilliant and simple! That also helps make the Peachy Printer Cheap to produce. No requirement for specialise equipment and interfaces, just plug into your headphone jack. Now that’s clever!

So all that results in the PeachyPrinter being the cheapest 3d printer around at the moment. Yes, you can get a kit for $100 on the Kick-starter. If you check the website, they are planning on selling the printer at sub $100 prices when in full production.

Full credit to the team for coming up with such a great and innovative design to make the Peachy Printer the The Worlds Cheapest 3d Printer as of the writing of this article.

What Competition Does The PeachyPrinter Have For The Title Of Worlds Cheapest 3d Printer?

In short, not much. You can get a  3d Doodler Pen for around $150, but I am not sure that really counts. You can certainly do some fun creative stuff with that. But it is certainly not a computer driven 3d Printer.  Not only that, it is still more expensive than the PeachyPrinter so can’t take the title of Worlds Cheapest 3d Printer.

A real contender is the OneUP from Q3dPrinter Which is a more traditional type of hot plastic or *FFF type printer. (*Fused Filament Fabrication) At around $199 for a kit.  But that is still twice the price.

A couple of specs for the OneUP follow:

  • Build Area Inches: 3.94 x 3.94 x 4.92
  • Build Area MM: 100mm x 100mm x 125mm

Compared that to the build area of the PeachyPrinter, which does not really have the same limitations due to its laser printing methodology.

On the website you will see a reference to the potential to producing a canoe at 3’x3’x16′. But of course that is theoretical and would take a lot of time. Where ever you can shoot that laser the system would theoretically work. Obviously you also need a big bath to capture the print medium. You could imagine though having multiple laser heads working together to produce something much more quickly…

But really the PeachyPrinter is in a league of its own in my opinion. It has so many advantages with its inherrent printing methodology it is not funny. PeachyPrinter have also been able to drive down the cost of the printing medium which was prohibitively expensive. This was probably one of the main draw backs. Now it is possible to get the printing medium at a much reduced price. Prices have gone from $200 per litre to around $60 per litre.  This breakthrough has also helped keep it’s running costs down and still retain the title of The Worlds Cheapest 3d Printer.

The PeachyPrinter kit can be assembled in around one hour. Which is also a factor in kit consideration. Some of the kits you see out there are clearly going to take a pretty skilled hand to put together and many hours of work. So once again due to the printing methodology and simplicity the PeachyPrinter gets a big tick on kit build time.

If you are wondering about the criteria you should consider when selecting a 3d Printer please check this post out here.  You can see that if you go through the criteria the PeachyPrinter definitely can take out the title for The Worlds Cheapest 3d Printer.

Conclusions On The Worlds Cheapest Printer

There does not seem to be anyone else producing a 3d Printer like the PeachyPrinter for this sort of price anywhere else that I can find.  Sure it’s a kit, but the simplicity of the PeachyPrinter 3d Printer means that the printer should be a snap to put together.  Not to mention the fact that you can have a very good build size and high resolution along with your cheap price.  This is a serious little printer and looks like a real winner on many fronts besides just the price!





PeachyPrinter – The Worlds Cheapest 3d Printer


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