3d Imaging Software OM3D

Revolutionary 3d Imaging Software

3d Imaging And Rendering With A Twist

OM3D could be the lead-in to a new generation of heuristic 3d imaging software. It could be the start of something big. To get a sense of what this software is capable of, check out the video below. Seeing is believing.

What Is Clever About This 3d Imaging Software?

The clever part of this software is its ability to merge a 2d image with a 3d design, thereby using the 3d model to imply ‘new’ views of the image. Of course these are not true views, more like a best guess of what the new view would look like. The secret sauce is being able to merge the detail supplied by the 3d model and the variable properties of the target image in the 2d view. Of course the 3d object has all the precise details of the shape in three dimensions, but the picture has all the illumination, shadowing, colours and nuance. Bringing these together in an automated fashion is pretty big.

3d Imaging Software OM3D
3d Imaging Software OM3D

So as you can see in the video, the OM3D 3d Imaging Software  has the ability to show you the underside of an image as it is rotated. The implied image is what the system believes you should be seeing based on all the information. Wow. The “3d Imaging Software” goes even further than this, being able to ‘imply’ and use the existing target image characteristics and add those to the matching 3d model. This allows views with the peculiarities of the original image such as a chair with wear and cushions showing their true deformities from use.

What Else Is Needed To Make This Sort Of 3d Rendering Mainstream?

Of course what is required to make all this work is the ‘stock 3d models’ that can be used to imply all the required data. The team at Carnegie Mellon are also working on fast lookup databases that could pull the data quickly from a repository of 3d models. Now that is nice. Imagine what this could do. Being able to manipulate a scene and choose objects making them live, realistic renderings in real time. Being able to redesign or tell a story in real movement.

Once you look at the video, you can begin to imagine the applications for this “3d Imaging Software”

  • Reorganise your living room on your planned house and see what it would look like with your furniture
  • Make a totally realistic game view in a fraction of the time
  • Create a compelling animated story board for presentations
  • Create your own animated characters
  • Present products in creative ways at a fraction of the usual cost

I will point out that this software is not consumer grade software at this stage. And of course is not able to do the above as yet.  But it is looking to be a real leader on the path to some pretty awesome capabilities.

Software Test Run

Being the total geek that I am, I had to install this and try it out myself of course.

There are executables for the mac version 10.9. I did load it and fire up the command line to have a play. I was able to do some image manipulation. But when I tried to complete the render I seem to be getting an invalid info file alert. I am sure it is only something minor. (If anyone knows what is going on there please let me know.)

But, still most average users are not hacking around on the command line of their macs. I will keep my eye on this as it is clearly a powerful piece of software and hopefully the team will keep advancing it.

Conclusions On OM3D And Where It Is Leading

I can remember just a few years waiting what seemed like minutes to render image manipulations in 2d imaging software.  Seeing what this software can do is truly incredible and may be the forerunner of powerful 3d rendering software that allows us to take 2d views and turn them into incredible and perhaps interactive 3d animations.

From all I can see here, this software is groundbreaking. The breakthrough work for me is in the concept of merging the real image with the 3d model to use the attributes of each in a new and creative way. This should have marketing / product managers salivating at the thought of what they can do with this sort of system. Bring it on!

You can find more information, source code and a paper here. 


 Revolutionary 3d Imaging Software

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