Super Size Me – BigRep ONE 3d Printer

Would You Like Fries With That BigREP ONE 3d Printer?

BigREP ONE is one heck of a big 3d Printer at 1147 x 1000 x 1188 mm. That of course is a print volume of over 1 cubic meter if you hadn’t figured that already. (Or if you are talking inches, that’s 45 5⁄32″ X 39 3⁄8″ X 46 49⁄64″)

“BigREP ONE” takes it to a whole new level as far as what you can prototype in that large build space.

If you look at the supported printing materials below, it is a pretty amazing list. Note that there are a lot marked as experimental. Not sure what that means, but if you are keen on one of these babies, then it may pay you to ask the question.   Of course it won’t produce you a real edible super sized hamburger, but it will produce a darn big prototype in plastic!  Check out the food printer here if you wan that!

SuperSize BigRep ONE
SuperSize BigREP ONE

See The BigREP ONE Working Below

The guys that make the BigREP ONE will be at the 3D Printshow London, Sept. 4th – 6th. The BigREP ONE exhibitor details are here.

The BigREP ONE 3d Printer is really big in terms of your normal run of the mill plastic fusion printer. There are not many other 3d printers on the market currently with that sort of build size.

You are going to pay for the privilege of owning a BigREP ONE, with the price coming in around $39,000.00 | € 29.000,00 (when I checked). Of course the build size and finish quality is why the price is right up there.

Are There Alternatives?

I am sure there are going to be a lot more large volume (bigger than 1 cubic metre) 3d Printers coming.  But of course it does provide technical challenges as the build size increases.  Issues like print build stability due to things like warping.  And of course frame rigidity to ensure accuracy of the deposition all magnify as the build size gets bigger.  If the print samples on the BigREP ONE site are anything to go by, then the BigREP ONE 3d Printer is looking good on the quality front.

I was able to find a SUMPOD MEGA XL  with a build size of 1800x1000x1400mm XL It had a price tag of around 10,000 pounds. Which is pretty high for home user pricing but does give you a yard stick to compare to when looking at the BigREP ONE.

3DP Unlimited  Seem to have some pretty large build sizes too. Starting around 20,000 US

You would imagine it won’t be too long before companies like 3d Systems are landing large format consumer grade printers.

The Tech Specifications Of The BigREP ONE 3d Printer


Build volume (mm) 1147 x 1000 x 1188 (ca. 1.3 m³)

Resolution 100 micron – 1 mm
Tool heads 2 extruders

Fabrication methods FFF 3D Printing
CNC Milling (optional)

Supported Printing Materials PLA

  • ABS*
  • PVA*
  • HDPE*
  • PC*
  • NYLON*
  • TPE*


Print surface Heated build platform 2.3 kW

Weight Printer appx. 200 kg
Weight Heated Table appx. 40 kg
Distance Pole to Pole (quadratic) 1,575 m
Height (maximum) 1,585 m
Length 1,665 m

Conclusions On The BigRep ONE 3d Printer

This is one heck of a good looking printer.  It seems that it will be able to produce a very large prototype at over 1 cubic meter build size.  Finish quality looks great on the samples shown.  It is also able to produce with a great range of output mediums.  The price is pretty steep at around 39,000 dollars US.  But there does not seem to be a lot of competition in that build size, so if that is your need, then this printer could be a good choice if you have the budget.

PS.   I recently posted on another 3d Printer HERE that prints to a theoretically, even larger build size. You may want to check it out if you are cash challenged and can’t come up with this sort of money.  It is really cheap!


Super Size My BigREP ONE 3d Printer

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