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Animated House gif Tiltbrush 3d Design

Gobsmacking 3D Design Software – Tiltbrush

TiltBrush – From 3d Design To 3d Art?  The Revolution Begins.

Every now and then something comes along that is so ground-breaking that I can’t help but get excited. This is one of those moments. A good friend of mine sent me a link to a soon to be released 3d Design Software – Tiltbrush.

3d Design With Tiltbrush
3d Design With Tiltbrush

Check out below the sort of images that this software is creating and view the video to see the way this “3D Design Software – Tiltbrush” is used. It is being hailed as one of the most amazing user interfaces.  Let’s pick up on the USP “Tilt Brush is a Virtual Reality Tool that paints the Space all around you.”

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