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PrintAlive BioPrints Living 3d Skin - Cell Layering On Substrate

Yes It’s Real PrintAlive BioPrints Living 3d Skin

Living 3d Skin Tissues Could Change Skin Grafting Forever?

We are seeing a profusion of breakthroughs in the bio printing space. This one shows so much promise. The PrintAlive BioPrints Living 3d Skin! That means that it has the potential to lead the way in replacing the normally very invasive and damaging skin grafting process.

I found the video a little hard to listen to, but if you advance to about 1 minute in you can see the magic happening! The video that shows the microfluidic cartridge-based technology outputting to what seems to me to be the roll of hydrogel. This is truly giving us a glimpse of the future now. This is a little factory. It fits into my proposition that we will soon be seeing Desktop Factories! Being a printer from way back this is a really familiar process!

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3d Digitizer by cultlab3d

Smithsonian 3d Laser Scanning – Digitising The Future

Smithsonian X 3D

Our world is changing fast! The Smithsonian is showing the way to the future by digitising their vast curated collection. The project is called ‘Smithsonian X 3D’. For a range of reasons this is a ‘must do’ to protect and provide custodianship for the objects that any museum holds. But what a huge job it is. The numbers are just staggering. Just a few years ago we would not have been able to handle the massive data sets easily or to have a process that was fast enough to consider implementing such an ambitious plan.

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