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3d Printed Hand Under Ten Bucks

Who Said Dad Was Mad?

Have a listen to this cool interview with this father and son team.  I particularly like the comment the son makes about his fathers wacky idea…  Haha it’s a classic.  (As seen on FOX News)

Clever Use Of Bio Mechanics In This 3d Printed Hand

The thing I liked about this design is that fact that it is purely bio mechanical.  If you noticed how the 3d Printed Hand worked it simply took advantage of the leverage created by the boy bending his wrist.  That is really useful innovation.  It avoids complex electronics and of course the need for batteries to power the hand.  All the added bulk of a traditional robotics approach can make the prosthetic heavy and of course potential prone to failing.  Of course it would only work for the person with a vestigial portion of the hand in tact.

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