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3d Imaging Software OM3D

Revolutionary 3d Imaging Software

3d Imaging And Rendering With A Twist

OM3D could be the lead-in to a new generation of heuristic 3d imaging software. It could be the start of something big. To get a sense of what this software is capable of, check out the video below. Seeing is believing.

What Is Clever About This 3d Imaging Software?

The clever part of this software is its ability to merge a 2d image with a 3d design, thereby using the 3d model to imply ‘new’ views of the image. Of course these are not true views, more like a best guess of what the new view would look like. The secret sauce is being able to merge the detail supplied by the 3d model and the variable properties of the target image in the 2d view. Of course the 3d object has all the precise details of the shape in three dimensions, but the picture has all the illumination, shadowing, colours and nuance. Bringing these together in an automated fashion is pretty big.

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