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Countdown To 3d Printing In Space

3d Printer In Space – HAL Yeah

Countdown Restarted For The First 3d Printer In Space

The first 3d Printer is about to be put into space. Yes, that’s right. History is being created. NASA will put the first 3d Printer into space and use it on board the International Space Station (ISS).  The initial launch was cancelled for Saturday, Sept. 20, but the new countdown is underway as of the writing of this post.

Countdown To 3d Printing In Space
Countdown To 3d Printing In Space

The 3d Printer That Will Make History

Below is the first 3d Printer In Space.  (All going well of course.) This is the printer that will be put into space only a few hours from the writing of this post.  It is a the Zero-G 3d Printer.  One of the goals of the project is to understand the long-terms effects of microgravity on 3D printing as well as how it can support space exploration in the future.

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3d Imaging Software OM3D

Revolutionary 3d Imaging Software

3d Imaging And Rendering With A Twist

OM3D could be the lead-in to a new generation of heuristic 3d imaging software. It could be the start of something big. To get a sense of what this software is capable of, check out the video below. Seeing is believing.

What Is Clever About This 3d Imaging Software?

The clever part of this software is its ability to merge a 2d image with a 3d design, thereby using the 3d model to imply ‘new’ views of the image. Of course these are not true views, more like a best guess of what the new view would look like. The secret sauce is being able to merge the detail supplied by the 3d model and the variable properties of the target image in the 2d view. Of course the 3d object has all the precise details of the shape in three dimensions, but the picture has all the illumination, shadowing, colours and nuance. Bringing these together in an automated fashion is pretty big.

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3d Digitizer by cultlab3d

Smithsonian 3d Laser Scanning – Digitising The Future

Smithsonian X 3D

Our world is changing fast! The Smithsonian is showing the way to the future by digitising their vast curated collection. The project is called ‘Smithsonian X 3D’. For a range of reasons this is a ‘must do’ to protect and provide custodianship for the objects that any museum holds. But what a huge job it is. The numbers are just staggering. Just a few years ago we would not have been able to handle the massive data sets easily or to have a process that was fast enough to consider implementing such an ambitious plan.

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Organovo In The News – Reports Q1 Fiscal 2015 Results

Organovo (ONVO) Highlights

I noticed some interesting developments in the reporting of Organovo.  (Ticker ONVO).  I have previously invested in the company and done very well.  Doubling my money with the stock on more than one occasion.  But I must say that investing in the stock was not for the faint hearted.  I remember sitting there at midnight with my finger poised on the mouse to hit the ‘sell’ button as I watched the share price reel one way and then the other!  Wow, what a ride!

About Organovo

The reason I got into Organovo in the first place was pretty simple.  I heard that they were able to print human tissues and potentially create human organs.  Based on that I was in.  As it turns out I got in at the base of a pretty big up swing and stuck with it from being a penny stock to being listed on the larger NYSE.

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3D Systems Makes Two More Acquisitions

3D Systems (Ticker DDD) Acquires Sister Companies APP and APM

The behemoth 3D Printing Machine Manufacturer has just acquired companies that focus on rapid prototyping and manufacture in the Aerospace Sector.  This is a further signal that 3D Systems is acting on its strategic intent of making sure it’s reach is not just strong in the home and hobby 3d Printing space but also in the ‘state of the art’ commercial application of all things 3d.

I have been tracking 3D Systems for some time.  (Previously invested my hard earned cash and did very well catching some big share price spurts in 2013.)  3d Systems has fallen back of late with some really heavy hitting reviews as it missed some of it’s forecasts as did some of the larger 3d printing players.  Please note, I am no investment advisor!  I just enjoy following tech innovation.  I was lucky enough to pick up the curve on (DDD) and (ONVO) and did pretty well.  But of late I am not in the market.  Always make your own decisions carefully and do your research on any company you intent to invest in.

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