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PieceMaker Next Pilot ToysRus

ToysRus PieceMaker Won The West…Again?

Two Locations For Some 3d Printing ToysRus PieceMaker Action

ToysRus are putting The PieceMaker Factory™ into their stores. It won’t be producing the famous Colt PeaceMaker, famed to be the “The gun that won the West.” (At least not in anything else but plastic.) I would think ToysRus hope that this 3d Printing initiative will be a competition leading move.

Innovation and leadership are often the keys to keeping the top dog position in business. ToysRus sprung to the front of the pack as a toy buyers super store. The concept was simple; ‘make your store as big as a warehouse’.  Have loads of product in the largest footprint retail outlet you can find. The large form factor stores really blow away the competition and help streamline inventory management.

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Bionic Eye

Will 3d Printing With evok3d Fast Track Six Million Dollar Man’s Bionic Eye?

Follow-Up Case Study To The evok3d 3d Printing 2.0 Event

After attending the evok3d 3d Printing technology sessions called Updates & Insights – 3d Printing 2.0. I promised I would do some follow-up case studies.  This is the first of a series of really exciting cases on how 3d Printing is enabling breakthrough innovations.  Special thanks to the team at evok3d for keeping me across some really exciting and cutting edge use cases they are involved in.

3d Printing, Steve Austin And The Bionic Man

If you happen to be around my age you may remember a show in the early 70’s called the Six Million Dollar Man. Astronaut Steve Austin is severely injured in the crash of an experimental lifting body aircraft. They rebuild Steve and make him, “better, faster, stronger than he was before”. He becomes the ‘bionic man’. He gets a new arm, leg and eye.

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Will Multi Jet Fusion™ 3d Printing Power HP Revival

HP Multi Jet Fusion™ 3d Printing Designed To Disrupt

“Multi Jet Fusion™” 3d Printing is set to change the 3d Printing landscape forever. To quote HP its “features include a unique synchronous architecture using multiple chemical agents that together resolve the fundamental limitations of current 3D printing systems”.

This does make a lot of sense and probably strikes at the heart of the one of the limiting aspects of the current crop of 3d Printers. Most of the current crop are very limited in materials variations they can print.  There is likely some of the larger 3d Printing players kicking their respective R&D labs up the butt as I write this. I am not sure how well HP’s innovation is covered by patents, but you would expect there to be plenty of action there. Certainly Multi Jet Fusion™ is trademarked by HP and a catchy little name at that.

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Human 3d Printed Replacement Parts Become The Norm?

The 3d Printing Revolution Will Affect Nearly Every Aspect Of Human Life

I saw this story by Reporter Greg Hoy on the ABC 7.30 Report Hosted by Leigh Sales on the 22nd of October and wanted to share it with all of you that missed it.  It really hit the ball out of the park, showing how the 3d Printing Revolution is changing just about every aspect of our human society.

It’s a great round up of where we are at with 3d Printing.  It does cover a lot more than the medical case that it says on the stories label.

Perhaps we could put this video away as a time capsule and dig it out again in a decade or so.  I am pretty sure we will see a big contrast.  The speed of development is amazing.

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3d Printing With 3DHubs, Go Global Print Local

3d Printing Global Capacity Management

If you are not familiar with 3dHubs, let me explain. 3dHubs is an online trading platform that allows for sourcing 3d Printers to produced 3d objects globally. Yes,that’s it in a nutshell. With “3d Printing With 3DHubs”, you are able to book the production of your product/s with a 3d Printer just about anywhere in the world.  Check out some of the stats from 3dHubs below showing listing growth.  (That is nearly a 30-40 degree growth trend.)

3d Printing With 3DHubs Growth In 3d Printer Listings
3d Printing With 3DHubs Growth In 3d Printer Listings

Th current state of play is seeing 3DHubs with around 8,489. The goal is to have 10,000 3d Printers available online by the end of the year. It does look that they are on track.

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3d Printed Cars? Henry Ford Eat Your Heart Out

3d Printed Cars Could Be A Reality Soon!

Did Henry Ford the visionary, see this one coming? Something that could side step the dominance of assembly or production line… Something that could change the way we conceive of manufacturing?

3d Printed Car - The Strati
3d Printed Car – The Strati

3d Printing Cars, One Of The Most Revolutionary Changes To Auto Manufacture Since The Assembly Line?

Yes, this could change the way we produce something which arguably has defined our modern lifestyles; ‘the car’.

The advent of the mass manufactured automobile could be one of the most fundamental changes modern mankind has encountered. It gave us freedom to roam so much further than we ever had before. To pack the family up and move it and just about whatever else we wanted. Yes, we were soon able to  jaunt off hundreds if not thousands of miles away in a short space of time. This all became possible because of the automobile produced out of the modern manufacturing assembly line.

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PrintAlive BioPrints Living 3d Skin - Cell Layering On Substrate

Yes It’s Real PrintAlive BioPrints Living 3d Skin

Living 3d Skin Tissues Could Change Skin Grafting Forever?

We are seeing a profusion of breakthroughs in the bio printing space. This one shows so much promise. The PrintAlive BioPrints Living 3d Skin! That means that it has the potential to lead the way in replacing the normally very invasive and damaging skin grafting process.

I found the video a little hard to listen to, but if you advance to about 1 minute in you can see the magic happening! The video that shows the microfluidic cartridge-based technology outputting to what seems to me to be the roll of hydrogel. This is truly giving us a glimpse of the future now. This is a little factory. It fits into my proposition that we will soon be seeing Desktop Factories! Being a printer from way back this is a really familiar process!

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3d Printing Nissan Motor Sport - Evok3d - 3d Systems

Nissan Motor Sport – 3d Printing Their Way To Bathurst 1000 Win?

Nissan Motor Sport – 3d Systems – Evok3d 3d Printing Event

I attended a “3d Printing” technology sessions called Updates & Insights – 3d Printing 2.0 organised by Evok3d on behalf of 3d Systems covering what Nissan Motor Sport racing team is doing with 3d Printing.

The next big race that Nissan Motor Sport teams will compete in is the Bathurst 1000 as of the writing of this post. They have been using 3d Printing as one of the ways to be race ready and competitive.

3d Printing Nissan Motor Sport - Evok3d - 3d Systems
3d Printing Nissan Motor Sport – Evok3d – 3d Systems

Bathurst 1000 The Ideal Test For 3d Printing

For people that are not familiar with car racing or are not from Australia the following is a short overview of the Bathurst 1000.  The Bathurst 1000 is one of Australia’s biggest motor racing events. It is a 1000 kilometre touring car race. It is now an official round of the Australian V8 Touring Car series. The Bathurst 1000 has tons of history and can be traced back to 1960, it has been know to attract over 200,000 avid fans for a weekend.

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Countdown To 3d Printing In Space

3d Printer In Space – HAL Yeah

Countdown Restarted For The First 3d Printer In Space

The first 3d Printer is about to be put into space. Yes, that’s right. History is being created. NASA will put the first 3d Printer into space and use it on board the International Space Station (ISS).  The initial launch was cancelled for Saturday, Sept. 20, but the new countdown is underway as of the writing of this post.

Countdown To 3d Printing In Space
Countdown To 3d Printing In Space

The 3d Printer That Will Make History

Below is the first 3d Printer In Space.  (All going well of course.) This is the printer that will be put into space only a few hours from the writing of this post.  It is a the Zero-G 3d Printer.  One of the goals of the project is to understand the long-terms effects of microgravity on 3D printing as well as how it can support space exploration in the future.

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Caution Disruptive Technology Ahead - 3D PRINTING

3d Printing – Disruptor Or Distraction?

3d Printing Disruptor Or Distraction?

Many technologies are put forward as disruptive. But what does that really mean and does 3d Printing fit into the category of being a truly disruptive innovation or technology? I have flip flopped from one side to the other a few times myself. So first things first, what defines a disruptive technology?

Caution Disruptive Technology Ahead - 3D PRINTING
Caution Disruptive Technology Ahead – 3D PRINTING

A disruptive technology is one that changes the rules. It basically supplants many technologies that was there before with its own DNA.  It up ends markets and traditional beneficiaries of whole industries.  Hence the term disruptive.

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