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3d Printing Jobs

3d Printing Jobs?

So You Are Thinking About A Job In 3d Printing?

Well let’s cut to the chase. It’s one of the fastest growth areas around. Naturally an area that is growing fast is going to be needing people to support that growth. But, of course when something is new and a little specialised, there is often no clear place to see all the job market action, at least in the early days.

3d Printing Jobs
3d Printing Jobs

After a little research I was able to find at least one 3d Printing Job market place focused on this particular growth area.  You can find the link below.

Growth Industry Often = Interesting Jobs

That’s right, it is a fast growing area. One of the biggest things I have learned in my working life, is to work in the growth areas. Remember the old saying, “a rising tide floats all boats”? It’s a good metaphor. If you are working in a strong growth area then the following often apply:

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The worlds cheapest 3d Printer uses a laser

PeachyPrinter – The Worlds Cheapest 3d Printer

So You Want To Try 3d Printing, But You Are A Cheapskate?

No problems, we have you covered! There are some amazing 3d Printers that can get you started with 3d Printing on the cheap. Yes, if you are on a budget, you can still score some pretty cool 3d Printers that can produce some great output.  One in particular gets my vote of support for, The Worlds Cheapest 3d Printer.

The worlds cheapest 3d Printer uses a laser
The worlds cheapest 3d Printer uses a laser.

So put that wad of cash away and just crack the piggy bank open. You can probably manage one of these with just the coins you have stashed away.

The guys at PeachyPrinter Have got a nice unit that you buy in a kit for around $100 dollars check out their PeachyPrinter Kick-starter.

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3d Printed Hand Under Ten Bucks

Who Said Dad Was Mad?

Have a listen to this cool interview with this father and son team.  I particularly like the comment the son makes about his fathers wacky idea…  Haha it’s a classic.  (As seen on FOX News)

Clever Use Of Bio Mechanics In This 3d Printed Hand

The thing I liked about this design is that fact that it is purely bio mechanical.  If you noticed how the 3d Printed Hand worked it simply took advantage of the leverage created by the boy bending his wrist.  That is really useful innovation.  It avoids complex electronics and of course the need for batteries to power the hand.  All the added bulk of a traditional robotics approach can make the prosthetic heavy and of course potential prone to failing.  Of course it would only work for the person with a vestigial portion of the hand in tact.

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A 3d Printed House Is A Mans Castle… Right??

First, The 3d Printed Castle – Next The 3d Printed House?

Check out the pictures below and see the 3d Printer pumping concrete in the video.

3d Printed Castle
3d Printed Castle

That is pretty cool stuff. It certainly has the potential to revolutionise how house building and construction is done.

3d Printed Castle
3d Printed Castle

Innovation In 3d Printing Is Coming Fast!

The initiative is the work of Andrey Rudenko of www.totalkustom.com. The next project for Andrey will be a full-scale medium sized house. The impact on future of building and construction is hard to predict. But the advantages seem clear to me and are as follows:

The ability to:

  • Take a design from CAD (Computer Aided Design) to completion with no extra steps
  • Create non-standard shapes and forms cost effectively
  • Build hollow forms that are extremely strong
  • Create energy efficient houses using air gaps
  • Build with air conditioning and heating built into the walls etc
  • Optimisation of material used vs strength thereby lowering costs
  • Allow a new level of creativity for architects

The castle printing experiment was aimed at helping to perfect the 3d Printing concrete deposition methods. Andrey now believes he has now gained the information required to finalise his methodology to print a fully liveable house.

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From 3d Printing To The Desktop Factory

What Is The True Revolution That Is Coming?

Is The Next Wave, The Desktop Factory?

I was laying in bed the other night thinking about 3d Printing and wondering why it seems a little limited right now. Sure you can print a nice plastic action figure or two, perhaps even a new tray for your bits and bobs to tidy up your work area a bit. Maybe you can really push the boundaries and print parts to assemble into something really functional, like a stand for your new groovy GoPro cam. Now that is getting pretty cool.

Mini GoPro Stand - 3d Printed
Mini GoPro Stand – 3d Printed

I then pushed myself to think more deeply about the feeling I had. Something is missing from this picture. Most things that are really useful in a modern society are a bit more complex, perhaps specialised. They require materials with special properties, like hardness, resistance to wear, flexibility or not and of course colours, perhaps even scents and tastes. So what is going on with our 3d Printer? Maybe we are setting the bar too low for it.  Maybe we are asking too much of it on its own. Could we really be at the bottom of a ‘real and new’ curve.  3d Printing may just be one aspect of a more fundamental change going on to the world around us.  Perhaps we need to reframe 3d Printing as just one window to view this revolution through, to really understand what is going on?

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3d Printing On Mars

3d Printing On Mars!?

3d Printing In Space

Well you have to hand it to a joint effort between MakerBot and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. They are keen to deliver some real firsts and put 3d Printing on Mars.

3d Printing On Mars
3d Printing On Mars

If you think about it, it does make a lot of sense. The trip to Mars is looking like a one way ticket. Yes, you hear correctly. Due to the shear weight of fuel required to get anything to Mars and land it there, the logistics make it unviable to ship enough fuel for a return trip. So, what does that mean? Well, you are going to need to be completely self sufficient.  Yes, here comes 3d Printing on Mars.

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Chocolate Desire

3d Printings Sweet New Market

3d Printing, S-W-E-E-E-E-E-T…

So your girlfriend’s eyes roll back in her head when you start talking about your ideas on that awesome 3d Printer you want.. Yes, she has no respect! Well, there is a good chance her opinion may start to change soon.

So what is going on in the 3d Printing world? Well a couple of big things!

The first is a deal between one of the most successful confectionary manufacturers in the world Hersheys and one of the leaders in 3d Printing, 3d Systems.

What is that going to mean? Well the mind boggles. Imagine, covering your girlfriends eyes, creating a bit of suspense and then boom, you show her the 12 inch chocolate bar in form of her name!(Man, that is seriously romantic.)

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Living The 3d Printing Revolution

The 3d Printing Revolution

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my new blog! This is just an introductory post so I’ll keep it short and sweet. I decided to start a blog on 3d technologies.  This is due to my deep interest in all cutting edge and transformative technologies.  When I read about 3d printers for the first time, I was hooked.  My mind ran ahead with what 3d printing technology would do for human kind.

MakerBot 3d Printer
MakerBot 3d Printer

I feel that 3d Printing will transform our society!  Of course coupled with it is all the supporting technologies that it needs to work effectively.  So I will be covering, 3d Scanners, 3d Design Software and all things relating to “3d Printing” Production.  Of course to spice things up a bit and not be one dimensional 😉 I will also look into 3d games and 3d Movies.  Most likely with a focus on the production process.  This is what interests me the most! I can’t wait to see where 3d technology takes us and how it transforms our lives. Over the next few months I plan to be writing and sharing posts about 3d technologies including, 3d Printers, 3d Scanners, 3d Software, 3d entertainment, 3d games and software systems. That’s it for now! If you’d like to be kept updated with my posts “Like” this post or subscribe to my blog.

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