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The New 3d Systems Industrial 3d Printer Line Up

3d Printing News Alert: 3d Systems New 3d Printer Lineup

You can dream right? 3d Systems New 3d Printer Range

This looks like a pretty strong move by the company.

I have been a bit critical of how 3d Systems had focused a little too much on the consumer range of 3d Printers. This was a great initial move by the company and gave them a huge jump on the market.

3d Systems Aggressive In The Consumer 3d Printer Space

Moving aggressively in the home consumer area gave 3d Systems media attention and certainly sold the sizzle of 3d Printing and its future to the world. “Let’s put a 3d Printer in every Blokes Shed!” Is how I would sum up the strategy from an outsiders viewpoint.  Of course that included schools, Universities and the like.

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3d Printing Nissan Motor Sport - Evok3d - 3d Systems

Nissan Motor Sport – 3d Printing Their Way To Bathurst 1000 Win?

Nissan Motor Sport – 3d Systems – Evok3d 3d Printing Event

I attended a “3d Printing” technology sessions called Updates & Insights – 3d Printing 2.0 organised by Evok3d on behalf of 3d Systems covering what Nissan Motor Sport racing team is doing with 3d Printing.

The next big race that Nissan Motor Sport teams will compete in is the Bathurst 1000 as of the writing of this post. They have been using 3d Printing as one of the ways to be race ready and competitive.

3d Printing Nissan Motor Sport - Evok3d - 3d Systems
3d Printing Nissan Motor Sport – Evok3d – 3d Systems

Bathurst 1000 The Ideal Test For 3d Printing

For people that are not familiar with car racing or are not from Australia the following is a short overview of the Bathurst 1000.  The Bathurst 1000 is one of Australia’s biggest motor racing events. It is a 1000 kilometre touring car race. It is now an official round of the Australian V8 Touring Car series. The Bathurst 1000 has tons of history and can be traced back to 1960, it has been know to attract over 200,000 avid fans for a weekend.

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3D Systems Makes Two More Acquisitions

3D Systems (Ticker DDD) Acquires Sister Companies APP and APM

The behemoth 3D Printing Machine Manufacturer has just acquired companies that focus on rapid prototyping and manufacture in the Aerospace Sector.  This is a further signal that 3D Systems is acting on its strategic intent of making sure it’s reach is not just strong in the home and hobby 3d Printing space but also in the ‘state of the art’ commercial application of all things 3d.

I have been tracking 3D Systems for some time.  (Previously invested my hard earned cash and did very well catching some big share price spurts in 2013.)  3d Systems has fallen back of late with some really heavy hitting reviews as it missed some of it’s forecasts as did some of the larger 3d printing players.  Please note, I am no investment advisor!  I just enjoy following tech innovation.  I was lucky enough to pick up the curve on (DDD) and (ONVO) and did pretty well.  But of late I am not in the market.  Always make your own decisions carefully and do your research on any company you intent to invest in.

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