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From 3d Printing To The Desktop Factory

What Is The True Revolution That Is Coming?

Is The Next Wave, The Desktop Factory?

I was laying in bed the other night thinking about 3d Printing and wondering why it seems a little limited right now. Sure you can print a nice plastic action figure or two, perhaps even a new tray for your bits and bobs to tidy up your work area a bit. Maybe you can really push the boundaries and print parts to assemble into something really functional, like a stand for your new groovy GoPro cam. Now that is getting pretty cool.

Mini GoPro Stand - 3d Printed
Mini GoPro Stand – 3d Printed

I then pushed myself to think more deeply about the feeling I had. Something is missing from this picture. Most things that are really useful in a modern society are a bit more complex, perhaps specialised. They require materials with special properties, like hardness, resistance to wear, flexibility or not and of course colours, perhaps even scents and tastes. So what is going on with our 3d Printer? Maybe we are setting the bar too low for it.  Maybe we are asking too much of it on its own. Could we really be at the bottom of a ‘real and new’ curve.  3d Printing may just be one aspect of a more fundamental change going on to the world around us.  Perhaps we need to reframe 3d Printing as just one window to view this revolution through, to really understand what is going on?

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