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Organovo In The News – Reports Q1 Fiscal 2015 Results

Organovo (ONVO) Highlights

I noticed some interesting developments in the reporting of Organovo.  (Ticker ONVO).  I have previously invested in the company and done very well.  Doubling my money with the stock on more than one occasion.  But I must say that investing in the stock was not for the faint hearted.  I remember sitting there at midnight with my finger poised on the mouse to hit the ‘sell’ button as I watched the share price reel one way and then the other!  Wow, what a ride!

About Organovo

The reason I got into Organovo in the first place was pretty simple.  I heard that they were able to print human tissues and potentially create human organs.  Based on that I was in.  As it turns out I got in at the base of a pretty big up swing and stuck with it from being a penny stock to being listed on the larger NYSE.

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