Will Multi Jet Fusion™ 3d Printing Power HP Revival

HP Multi Jet Fusion™ 3d Printing Designed To Disrupt

“Multi Jet Fusion™” 3d Printing is set to change the 3d Printing landscape forever. To quote HP its “features include a unique synchronous architecture using multiple chemical agents that together resolve the fundamental limitations of current 3D printing systems”.

This does make a lot of sense and probably strikes at the heart of the one of the limiting aspects of the current crop of 3d Printers. Most of the current crop are very limited in materials variations they can print.  There is likely some of the larger 3d Printing players kicking their respective R&D labs up the butt as I write this. I am not sure how well HP’s innovation is covered by patents, but you would expect there to be plenty of action there. Certainly Multi Jet Fusion™ is trademarked by HP and a catchy little name at that.

Over the last decade or so iconic multinationals have suffered technological shifts which have left them high and dry. The shift to digitisation has delivered almost mortal blows to companies like MAN Roland and Heidelberg that produce the high speed traditional 2D Printing Machines. But of course the move to paperless and digitisation of media has also had it’s impact on icons like Kodak and Hewlett Packard.

HP_Multi_Jet_Fusion 3d Printer
HP_Multi_Jet_Fusion 3d Printer

Moves to change CEO’s, cost cutting and wholesale trashing of anything that smells of a liability have struggled to change the directions of some. The truth is that each of these companies have traded off innovations that were becoming long in the tooth and perhaps not as relevant as they once were to where the Corporate and Consumer purchasing worlds have moved to. In the absence of growth products the writing is on the wall. Investment shifts to others that show a stronger future. Investors, banks and the media love a growth story. If you don’t have a growth story then good luck.

Hewlett Packard has struggled in recent times with it’s computer, printer and other divisions all looking for the future. New CEO’s have been installed and cost cutting has been vicious. But finally there is something that really looks exciting. Multi Jet Fusion™ 3d Printing!

Here is an article by Cnet on the unveiling.

Why Multi Jet Fusion™ 3d Printing Looks Exciting

The breakthrough in Multi Jet Fusion™ 3d Printing looks to be its ability to layer multiple substances that can have a myriad of mechanical properties. These include:

  • Colour
  • Hardness
  • Stiffness
  • Wear Resistance
  • Finish Quality
    And many others.

Check out some of the example prints that are shown on the page to get a sense of the real leap in 3d Printing that HP Multi Jet Fusion™ seems to provide.

Produced On HP Multi Jet Fusion 3d Printer - 3d Revolutions
Produced On HP Multi Jet Fusion 3d Printer – 3d Revolutions
Produced On HP Multi Jet Fusion 3d Printer
Produced On HP Multi Jet Fusion 3d Printer

10 Times Faster?

HP is touting its printer as 10 times faster than other selective laser sintering (SLA) style 3d Printers.  This is a massive move forward.  These sort of breakthroughs in performance will no doubt bring 3d Printing to fore.  Making it more and more commercially viable for a wider range of work.

Preferred Partnering For Customer Access

Whilst the information on this was a little scant, it seems that HP are going to select organisations to Partner with. They feel that for the stage that 3d Printing is at in its product lifecycle that this is a better model. Partners will have the appropriate scale and expertise to deliver the resource of Multi Jet Fusion™ 3d Printing to the end users.

Winning Strategies Find Long Term Competitive Advantage

HP are working with preferred partners to develop materials with specialised properties. The edge on the competition for this technology is its innovation of multiple types of substances that can be deposited. This will allow those with specialised needs and applications, to drive further into their niche capability with the aid of a ‘HP Multi Jet Fusion™’ 3d Printer.

This is a clever strategy by HP to allow innovation to grow organically and fast. One of the big learning points from the software industry has been the rise and rise of ‘open source’ software. Whilst the substances for Multi Jet Fusion 3d Printing may not be totally open sourced it is much better than keeping them totally internal and proprietary behind closed doors at HP.  The old models tended to stifle new ideas and agile development.

The creation of specialised Multi Jet Fusion™ materials through partnering does not have a lot of details. But it will likely unfold as experiences grow between HP and its preferred partners.

I will keep close to what transpires here. This part of the system looks to have a lot of legs. It will be the essence of the drive to long term sustainable competitive advantage for this 3d Printer. I am not sure of anyone being named in this Partnering category, but would expect them to have strong capability to add value to the innovative HP Multi Jet Fusion™ 3d Printing platform.

Multi Jet Fusion™ Will Require Well Rounded Understanding

Multi Jet Fusion™ does seem to be providing a huge leap forward in the capabilities that are at hand for the end user to tap into. But of course with the advent of more capability comes the need for greater understanding of materials and their properties coupled with design. So this naturally drives the technology back into the hands of the engineer or technologist.

This again supports the concept of putting the Multi Jet Fusion™ 3d Printers into the hands of centres of excellence that understand and have the resources to embed the right properties into the design schema. I am not sure how HP handles this in its technology, but I would imagine there is a coding system that can tag various aspects of the design with material identifier. This would ensure that the area of the design was printed in the correct material or combination of them.

Conclusions On Multi Jet Fusion™

I have recently written about 3d Printing as a potential disruptor Multi Jet Fusion™ seems to fit into this category.  Multi Jet Fusion™ could be the next big step on the way to creating true Desk Top Factories which I discuss here.

Let’s stay tuned to updates here.  New materials and specialised applications are likely to abound for this new kid on the block!






Will Multi Jet Fusion™ 3d Printing Power HP Revival

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